Can I be your Rock’n’Roll Queen?

Berlin, Humeurs / mardi, septembre 11th, 2012

For a while, I was playing with a harp guitar. At the first look, it was just impressive. The beautiful curves, the mellifuous sound coming from the set notes and this symbol of high power and authority, due to its luxury characteristics made me amazed. I spent lot of time with it and enjoyed its greatness. I had the feeling to be charismatic and self confident. I could hear the audience bashfully applauding to us.

One day, I learnt someone else played with my harp guitar. I was upset. Then everything happens in my mind, I couldn’t believe what I have heard. I was angry but decided to ignore it. I wanted to stay brave and keep my dignity as much as possible. I wanted so much to show that I was playing the most beautiful music. However, I had the impression to not know how to use this music instrument anymore. My hands seem to be very far from the harp strings and that hurt me a lot.

Time flies and I heard again that someone else was playing with my harp. It seems it had fun with that for a short time. Meanwhile, I decided to be attentive and closer to the orchestra. Surprisingly, an electric guitar was there. That was the same guitar I had noticed in the past before I started the harp. Under the influence of the alcohol, I played with the e-guitar for fun. The next day, I refused to admit I had fun with it. The after next day, the e-guitar looked to be very happy to get new music tonalities. I tried to ignore, to forget it and prentend to not understand.

My harp guitar is standing there front of me. The same attitude as before: impressive and high. In the same time, I found some defaults.. cumbersome, arrogant, mature, maybe too much to my taste and I tend to believe that this harp uses of this glitter to seduce music players. I think it’s not working on me anymore. It used to work but just for a short time.

The e-guitar used to look very simple, basic and really quick to learn. I made a mistake: this is just something else powerful, when combined with touching lyrics and various sounds. I get incredibly some positive energy and waves when I listen to hard rock music. The electric guitar reminds me lots of memories and makes me feel happy. This symbolized the youth, the simplicity and joyful life. I wish I could have known how to play with it before. I realized that the harp guitar is making me tiring and fooling me. I think I had a crush on the e-guitar.

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